What is FX News Alert?

FX News Alert (FXNA) is a powerful web application, designed to compliment your existing trading platform (NinjaTrader, MT4/5, ZuluTrade, eToro, etc) with audible alerts and notification pop-ups.

The FXNA web app has a comprehensive calendar where you can set an alarm for upcoming calendar events and receive live updates for each news event, so you're always aware of the latest numbers and forecast sentiment. Extra functionality allows you to analyse Forex currency prices using visual tools like currency strength momentum (CSM), candles and signals; there's also TV widgets for Bloomberg, Sky, etc.

  • Tutorials - You can find information about each widget on the tutorials page
  • Support - If you have any questions, find a bug or want to provide feedback, please use the following email: support@fxnewsalert.com
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FXNA Web App


  • Interface - Web app page allows you to add multiple widgets in one window
  • Forex Calendar - View weekly or todays news events and receive live updates
  • Events Alarm - Set an alert so you can prepare for upcoming FX news events
  • Momentum - View Currency Strength Momentum (CSM) using Pie-charts, Tables or Ticker graphs
  • Binary Options - FXNA is an indispensable tool for BO traders as it mixes fundamentals with live price and various momentum tools
  • Television - Watch live TV streams from Bloomberg, Sky, ABC, etc

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Special thanks to Twee at Forex Factory, their calendar really is the best on the web. Tip: visit ⇒ ForexFactory's calendar, click [Details] and in the History section, click [Graph] to glean crucial currency sentiment.