MT4 ver 600 Problem

Metaquotes have completely revamped the folder structure with build 600. They've now introdued something called a 'Data folder' which uses hidden directory structures buried deep within modern operating systems which utilises the UAC security of Vista and later operating systems of Windows.

The following shows a dirty fix to get the FXNA app working with this new folder structure.

N.B. I apologise if it seems complicated but instead of re-coding the app, I'd rather show this fix and concentrate on refactoring the FXNA app so it doesn't use MT4 anymore, it's getting too complex for users to install and configure, so instead I will use a simpler configuration for the next release which works straight out-of-the-box, without having to mess around with DLL's and Profiles et al.

Next FXNA release coming soon, thanks for your patience...

Step 1

Open your MT4 Terminal and click File -> Open Data Folder

Step 2

In the root directory of your MT4 Terminal installion, create a new folder called 'experts' (with a small 'e').

Step 3

- Open this new experts folder and copy the EA here.
- Create another folder called 'libraries' (with a small 'l').

Step 4

Open this new libraries folder and copy the DLL here.

Step 5

This is the new folder MetaQuotes have created called MQL4. Here, they have folders for Experts and Indicators to make it clearer where indies should be placed; this is what has caused the problems when using this new directory structure, so we also need to copy the EA & DLL here...

Step 6

Open the MQL4 folder and you'll see two folders called Experts & Libraries, notice they are now capitalised - previous MT4 build didn't capitalise the folder names.

- Copy the .ex4 file into Experts folder.
- Copy the .dll file into Libraries file.

Step 7 - Attaching the EA

- Once the EA & DLL are copied into the above folders, restart your MT4 Terminal.
- Click Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors tab.
- Make sure the settings are the same as the picture below.
- Make sure your Expert Advisor button (the one in the MT4 toolbar) is green.
- Open a blank EURUSD chart and attach the EA. (Note: Make sure the chart is blank
as people have reported errors if there are other EA's on the same chart).
- Once it flashes green, open the FXNA app and you're good to go.

Step 8 - Loading Sequence

Each time you want to use the FXNA app, do this:-

- Open MT4
- Wait for EA to flash green
- Open FXNA app

You should only open the FXNA app once the data stream has been created in MT4, otherwise you'll get an error saying there's 'No data'.


If you have problems getting the app to work, please use the feedback page and I'll help to get it working.